Getting married in Tuscany is a dream!

The wedding day is the most important day of your life, an unforgettable memory that remains forever in the mind and heart of those who live it. On that day everything must be extraordinary and perfect, with attention to the smallest details.

Tuscany is certainly one of the most beautiful regions to swear eternal love, with places that seem to come out of a fairy tale and ideal both for celebrations with great pomp and for more intimate events.

Getting married in Tuscany with its colorful countryside illuminated by the sun and the beauty of its landscape has always seduced foreigners visiting the beautiful country.

The historical cradle of art and literature is the favorite place for lovers from all over the world who choose to get married in Italy. Many famous couples have crowned their dream in this beautiful land. Over the years, Italian and foreign singers, artists and writers have chosen Tuscany to call themselves the fateful yes. Every corner of Tuscany is full of charm and history.


Organizing a wedding in Tuscany means sharing with your guests moments of delight for the eyes and the palate thanks to the authentic flavors of the local gastronomic tradition. A wide choice of cheeses, typical soups, fine white meats and the famous Florentine steaks; appetizing dishes that will be accompanied by excellent local wines known all over the world.

Tuscany is a geographically heterogeneous region and offers various solutions for every type of wedding. If you would like to get married in Tuscany overlooking the sea, you will have a wide choice.

If instead, you imagine your wedding in Tuscany surrounded by vineyards and hills, how can you forget about the fascinating panorama of the Val d’Orcia or the charming of the Chianti area?!

Tuscany is a perfect postcard location for dream weddings, with its medieval villages, small pearls that take you back in time. Places out of the ordinary immersed in peace and silence with breathtaking views.