There are countless ways to go green.

Ready to learn how to have a sustainable wedding? To help you plan your green wedding, I rounded up some eco-friendly ideas. Try one (or all) to do some good for the environment on your wedding day.

Eco-Friendly Invitations

As wedding vendors become increasingly environmentally conscious, it’s easier than ever to find invitation suites that are printed on recycled paper or use alternative materials like upcycled fabrics, leather, and wood. Look for companies that give back to the environment while shopping for a stationer. For the most earth-friendly stationery, print invitations, programs, and menus on seed paper. Seed paper is a biodegradable material that sprouts into flowers when planted in a pot of soil.


Opt for a Charity Registry

If material gifts aren’t your thing, consider a charity registry as part of your big day. This allows you and your guests to donate to causes close to your heart, especially foundations with a focus on the environment or animal welfare.

Look for Built-In Decor

Why bring in decorations if they already exist at your venue? While booking your ceremony and reception sites, look for spaces that offer details that fit your wedding style. This will save you cash and the earth resources—talk about a win-win. Wineries offer scenic backdrops, botanical gardens give you instant floral decor, and greenhouses feel lush and verdant without adding cut blooms.

Be Conscious of Floral Arrangements

Botanical centerpieces are the most popular and there is no doubt that flowers look beautiful. But freshly cut plants aren’t the best for the environment. Consider potted flowers, such as orchids or spray roses, or plants, including herbs and even trees, that can be reused at home, on a patio, or transplanted to the garden after the event. If you are going with cut flowers, choose seasonal blooms that are grown locally. Many work with small local farms or grow flowers themselves, reducing the need to transport blooms long distances.

Reduce Food Waste

Opt for plated dinners to avoid excess food, and if you go for a buffet, speak to your caterer about saving leftovers. If regulations permit, you can donate extra food to a local food bank or homeless shelter, but you’ll want all the details ahead of time to ensure it’s all properly packed and ready to go.

Go Glass in the Welcome Bags

Welcome bags show hospitality but they often include one-time-use plastic water bottles and individually wrapped bags of snacks. A green wedding idea alternative is to gift your guests glass water bottles or even a reusable bottle that they can fill up. For nibbles, fill glass jars with homemade granola, candy, and nuts that reduce waste. Toss everything into a fabric tote rather than a paper bag that guests can take home after the wedding weekend.