Pantone announced that its 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue, a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk.

Pantone has named a color of the year for more than two decades. In 1963, the company created the Pantone Matching System, a proprietary system used in a variety of industries such as printing, graphic design and fashion design to manage colors.

The 2020 Color of the Year isn’t just for the seeing.

In collaboration with partners across industries, Pantone created a multi-sensory Classic Blue experience.

It was, beyond dispute, a Classic Blue sight to behold. But interpreting the color through the other four senses is a far less objective task.

The official Classic Blue scent is described in part as a “contemplation of where sky and sea meet;” the taste as “flowering vines”; the touch as a “soft velvety texture”; the sound as “vivid nostalgia”.

Another interpretation: Classic Blue has an earthy, floral musk; a sugary flavor evocative of blue raspberry syrup; the feel of a brand new, plush couch; and an underwater, ethereal sound.

Each year’s color is decided through a long and thoughtful process that takes into consideration lifestyle and industry trends, said Pressman.

“Typically, trends that we see in color are reflecting big macro trends that are taking place in culture,” she explained.

Color influences can come from art, upcoming media, movies, lifestyles, socioeconomic and political conditions, travel destinations, new technology – really anything.


Here you can find stunning ways to include Pantone’s ‘Classic Blue’ in your Wedding

Pantone have announced that their Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue: an elegant hue which evokes simplicity.

Suggestive of the ocean and the midnight sky, the shade connotes a sense of peace and tranquillity. According to Pantone, it brings “laser like clarity”, so any Classic Blue accents are sure to instil a sense of calm for you and your guests as you tie the knot.

It’s a shade which will work perfectly at weddings in every season. In the summer, the hue will pop when paired with white and injections of yellow. Think long Mediterranean summers, hints of lemon and parties on the beach. In the winter, celestial-themed celebrations will see the shade come to life in a whole new way.

With Classic Blue being thrust into the limelight, it’s set to be a huge wedding trend for 2020. With that in mind, here are our favourite ways to include Classic Blue in your wedding, from your bridesmaids dresses to your stationery. Consider your “something blue” well and truly covered…


Classic Blue Welcome sign or invitations

Acrylic wedding signs are a modern and stylish introduction to your big day for your wedding guests. A wedding welcome sign sets the tone for the rest of your celebration, so they’re a wedding stationery component worth investing in.

Keep things simple and contemporary with these understated Classic Blue wedding invitations.


Classic Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

What do you think about a Classic Blue dress for your bridesmaids?

A blue bridesmaid dress will flatter your whole team, and is truly a classic. From slip dresses to wrap dresses, gowns, and even jumpsuits, a blue dress is always a great choice!


Classic Blue Wedding Flowers

You may be scratching you head trying to think of blue flower varieties. Not to worry!

Whether you want to add a small pop of blue to your floral collection, a blue ribbon or you want a bouquet overflowing with the color of the year, it’s full of amazing options!


Classic Blue Wedding Décor

There are many things that you have to keep in mind while dealing with wedding decorations. One of the most important things that you have to take care of during weddings is the decorations, after all occasions like wedding happen once in a lifetime.

Go blue with your table linens, glasses, under plates, name cards, candles or napkins.. It really is a wonderful tone and can work in almost any wedding in any season too!


Classic Blue Wedding Cakes

A blue wedding cake? Why not!

A wedding cake is one of the major components of a wedding. Some couples choose a traditional cake, while others choose ones that reflect their individual style. Blue wedding cakes are certainly a unique choice when it comes to selecting a wedding reception cake.


Classic Blue Bridal Beauty Ideas

If you don’t want to adopt a Classic Blue colour scheme but you do want to gently nod towards the Pantone Colour of the Year, use  blue shoes or a pin!

How cute could be an hair pin with a touch of classic blue?